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Artist Biography

Kristina Clouthier (born 1990) was raised by her parents along with two younger siblings in the small town of Marcelin, Saskatchewan. During her childhood, the isolation of growing up in a rural community emphasized her need for an active imagination and numerous creative outlets. Much of her time was spent putting on plays for her parents with her younger siblings, writing songs and drawing. Her love for the arts followed her throughout her school years where she participated in art competitions, set design for school plays and mural paintings. In 2008, she graduated from high school and moved to Saskatoon to attend the university in pursuit of a Sociology degree with a minor in Studio Art. However, after taking a variety of art classes, she realized that her true passion would always be the arts. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio Art – High Honours degree and a minor in Crime, Law and Justice.

To date, her work has primarily consisted of mixed media drawings that explore how the state of our psyche interacts with the way we experience our surroundings and the objects found within them. Her love for the tactile and grounding nature of drawing media, such as ink, charcoal and pastel is demonstrated by her hands on approach and generous use of water; a process that encourages spontaneity and abstraction whereby blurring the lines between reality and our subconscious interpretation of it. Her work also plays upon the school of thought that mark making is superior to the subject matter, which has been influenced by J.M.W Turner and other painters from the romantic era as well as Canadian artist David Milne. Other influences include Contemporary artists such as Kiki Smith, Diane Al-Hadid, Mithu Sen, William Kentridge and many artists from the surrealist movement. She is also heavily influenced by her practice as a singer-songwriter as well as her interests in fiction, poetry, film and design.

She currently works and resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 Territory and Homeland of the Métis.